Karlskrona, Sweden

In his series Midsommar, Mcabe Gregg follows two local sisters as they embrace a historic Swedish tradition. A snapshot of an otherwise fleeting moment in time is captured via the intimacy of his lens.

Located in the south and originally intended to be the capital of Sweden, Karlskrona is vibrant in color and rich with History. Surrounded by water, it is one of the country’s last remaining Naval bases.

We navigate a choppy sea to visit Grandmother Gunn’s summer house on the island of Aspö. We voyage through the local wheat farms and to the many swimming holes where the locals gather for a cool down. We follow Zoi and Aggie down to the docks where they cast out lines into the water in hopes of reeling in Pike.

Fresh potatoes from the garden paired with pickled herring are a sampling of the many delicacies to be savored during a Swedish Midsommar. Grandma Gunn picks fragrant apples for her pie as the kids on the lawn play Kubb while drinking their home-made Hand Picked Strawberry Sangria. Midsommar, the photo series, slows viewers down and offers an honest peek into the private sisterly experience of siblings enjoying a wonderful and beautiful quality of life. 

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